Impact and responsibility

Fueled by a fervent love for fashion that treads lightly and kindly upon the earth, we at Poppanachic pour our hearts into weaving the extraordinary. Our journey is one of crafting joy through threads, with each piece spun from materials as unique and special as our vision. Venture into the realm of Poppanachic fabrics, where every thread tells a story, and each garment is a masterpiece waiting to dance with you. We invite you to find your joy, wrapped in the chic elegance that defines us. Our mission? To champion slow fashion that doesn't just look good but feels magnificent, designed for the mindful souls who cherish longevity over fleeting trends. Every Poppanachic creation is a testament to ethical elegance, born and brought to life under the meticulous care of Finnish craftsmanship. Join us in a fashion revolution that celebrates durability, design, and heart in every stitch. Welcome to Poppanachic – where timeless style meets the tender touch of the earth.


Traditional poppana

Dive into the spellbinding allure of Poppanachic, where tradition weaves seamlessly with modern elegance. Our creations celebrate the revered Poppana material—a treasure from South Karelia, transformed into a fabric that whispers tales of heritage and innovation. Known affectionately by names like rököraanu, rääpälvaate, rääsäle, and nukeri, Poppana is crafted by cutting cotton diagonally into slender ribbons, unveiling a texture as velvety as a dream.

Our vest isn’t just an item of clothing; it’s a wearable story, a fusion of age-old artistry and contemporary chic that demands the spotlight. Since 1973, when Pirkanmaan Kotityö Oy unveiled the first industrially produced Poppana ribbon, we’ve been redefining style with a nod to sustainability. Today's Poppana blends tradition with innovation, weaving together both vintage and fresh fabric cuttings into something truly sustainable and strikingly beautiful. Proudly woven in the heart of Finland, our Poppana fabric is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly elegance.

Step into the enchanting realm of Poppanachic. Here, every thread is a promise of beauty, every garment a declaration of ethical sophistication.


Bloom jacquard velvet

Step into the luxurious embrace of Poppanachic, where our Jacquard woven velvet material blooms with the allure of nostalgia.Unfolding a floral theme that elegantly rises from the fabric, captivating the senses. Crafted with care in Lithuania, our cherished partnership with an exceptionally skilled product development team blooms in harmony, ensuring a collaboration as flexible as it is steadfast.

This exquisite material has woven its way into the hearts of our Japanese clientele, mirroring their profound appreciation for its unique design and inherent qualities. It's not just fabric; it's a bridge between cultures, a testament to the timeless appeal of meticulous craftsmanship and the universal language of beauty. Join us in celebrating a piece that resonates with elegance, cherished far and wide for its distinctive charm.

Bloom jacquard denim

Discover the latest innovation from Poppanachic: Bloom Jacquard Denim. Our signature collection redefines denim with an eco-conscious twist. Featuring an elegantly worn pattern, each piece is intricately woven to showcase a stylish, yet sustainable design. This means less washing is required to keep your denim looking effortlessly chic, embracing both beauty and environmental responsibility.

Crafted with precision in Lithuania, our Jacquard denim is adorned with a unique floral motif, blending the timeless appeal of denim with the delicate artistry of Jacquard weaving. The Bloom Jacquard Denim line is not just clothing; it's a statement of fashion-forward thinking and eco-friendly action. Join us in wearing the future of denim with pride.



Bloom extra fine merino wool

Unveil the artistry of our Merino Collection, where each piece is a canvas blending the unexpected: a vivid camouflage base intertwined with delicate floral motifs. This unique fusion brings to life an array of color stories, tailored to embody your mood and style.

Dive into the "Rose" palette, a sweet symphony of candy-inspired hues – light pink dances with turquoise green, old pink whispers to dark purple. For those who find beauty in subtlety, our "Greyscale" option weaves a tapestry of monochrome magic, with shades stretching from the softest greys to the deepest blacks and purest whites. And for the bold at heart, "Deep" plunges into a rich depth of color, where orange and purple meet the earthy embrace of brown and beige. Looking ahead, we're excited to introduce "Denim" to our spectrum, a homage to the versatile and beloved blues.

Nestled in the heart of Tampere, Agtuvi Oy, a beacon of knitwear craftsmanship, breathes life into our designs. A unique collaboration between a visionary designer and a master knitting programmer has birthed a fabric unlike any other. Agtuvi champions the use of the finest mulesing-free merino wool, certified by the Oeko-Tex standard, ensuring each thread meets the highest ethical and quality standards. Our merino wool yarn, spun in the revered mills of Italy, traces its origins to the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina.

The Merino Collection is a testament to the marriage of durability and comfort, underpinned by a commitment to sustainability. For the discerning wearer, it offers not just a garment, but a statement of eco-conscious elegance and timeless appeal.


Bloom digital printed viscose

Step into a world where fashion meets the future with our digitally-printed Bloom pattern. This design transcends the ordinary, infused with a metallic sheen that captures light, reflecting a subtle glamour in every thread. Crafted on a canvas of luxurious viscose, this fabric marries the ultimate softness and silky-smooth texture, promising not only comfort but also breathability for the wearer.

The fabric's exquisite drape is a testament to its versatility, flowing with elegance and poise. Whether it's the inner lining of a bespoke piece, the fluid silhouette of a dress, or the casual chic of a shirt, this fabric enhances every garment it graces. Welcome to a new era of style, where the beauty of bloom is not just seen but felt, in every movement, in every moment.



Light cotton denim

Dive into the ease and elegance of our Light Denim Collection, meticulously curated to elevate your wardrobe with a touch of effortless sophistication. Each piece within this collection is crafted to seamlessly blend with your personal style, ensuring versatility and a timeless appeal. The fabric, a testament to quality and sustainability, is carefully selected from a prestigious European manufacturer, promising not only a chic aesthetic but also a commitment to eco-friendly fashion. Embrace the lightweight charm of our denim, designed to accompany you with grace on any occasion.




Customization services

Unlock the power of personalized fashion with our Customization Services, where your unique preferences and specifications take center stage. Whether it's tailoring existing products to perfection by adjusting sleeve or hem length, or creating a completely bespoke garment tailored exclusively to your measurements, the possibilities are endless. Simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team at to embark on your personalized style journey.


Sewing facility in Tampere, Finland

Nestled in the heart of Tampere, Finland, lies our sewing facility, where history and innovation intertwine seamlessly. With a rich textile heritage dating back to the 19th century, Tampere earned its place as a textile powerhouse, affectionately dubbed the "Manchester of the North." Fueled by the abundant water resources of the Tammerkoski rapids, the city's cotton mills and textile production thrived during the industrial revolution. Though the industry has evolved over time, Tampere's legacy in textiles remains steadfast.

At our facility, we honor this legacy by marrying modern design with traditional craftsmanship, contributing to Tampere's ongoing narrative as a hub of innovation and sustainability in the textile world. Join us as we weave together the past, present, and future of fashion in this historic city.