Poppanachic stands as a Finnish-based wear and accessories brand driven by a profound passion for patterns and fashion. Our core ethos revolves around crafting styles that evoke delight, seamlessly blending woven, knitted, and printed patterns into timeless classic silhouettes.

Our vision at Poppanachic is to emerge as a globally captivating creator celebrated for our unique patterns and distinctive designs. We aspire to be a chic essential. Proudly inheriting and perpetuating the rich weaving and pattern legacy of our family enterprise, Unica Fashion, which has flourished since its establishment in 1981. Notably, Unica Fashion has been supplying to Japanese importers since 1995.

Each fabric and knitwear pattern is meticulously crafted from scratch by our dedicated team. We foster crucial partnerships both within Finland and across Europe, collaborating closely to procure the exclusive fabrics integral to our creations.

In Tampere, we boast a flagship store where we not only showcase our collection but also offer personalized products tailored to our customers' preferences and measurements.

The narrative of Poppanachic commenced with the serendipitous meeting between designer Katri Kuukkanen and the esteemed Liisa Pikkujämsä. Katri holds a Master of Arts degree in Textile Design and attended the Aalto University. Prior to this, she graduated as a textile and clothing engineer. With this background, her core competence lies in the visual and technical design of fabrics. The latter, an award-winning Finnish designer with a distinguished career spanning both domestic and international markets. Liisa had a penchant for transforming traditional poppana material into wearable art. The allure of Poppana-like fabrics and their sartorial potential captivated Katri when she encountered the company in 2020. Katri's passion for patterns design and clothing have materialised as Poppanachic.

Poppanachic relies on this tradition of weaving with an emotional bond. However, it has taken flight, and the yarns and patterns extend beyond the confines of traditional poppana material, encompassing the realms of woven, knitted, and even printed patterns. Only your imagination sets the limit.

The brand's pattern, Bloom, blossomed in jacquard velvet, denim and the finest merino wool knits. In autumn 2023, we debuted our collection at CIFF in Copenhagen.

At present, our team comprises seven passionate individuals, each contributing their unique creativity to the vibrant world of Poppanachic.